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Political Speech, Discrimination and the Law: How Employers Should Respond to Charlottesville

Posted in Cat's Paw Liability, Civil Rights, Discrimination, Diversity, General Labor and Employment News and Updates, Political Discrimination, Social Media, Terminations, Workplace Policies
The recent tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia and other news regarding the activities of white supremacists and similar groups, have served as a rude awakening for many that our national reality has shifted. These events, which occurred in the public square and have been widely documented through social media, are unfortunate examples of bigoted and… Continue Reading

Primary Elections & Voter Leave Laws: How Much Time Off Does an Employee Get To Vote?

Posted in Employee Leave Management, Political Discrimination, Workplace Policies
With primary elections around the corner, employers are wondering what their obligations are with respect to providing employees time off to vote. Although there is no federal law that requires employers to give employees time off to vote in elections, an employer’s obligation in this regard varies by state law. To date, thirty-one states have voter… Continue Reading

Video Interview: Discussing Politics in the Workplace with LXBN TV

Posted in Political Discrimination
Following up on my recent post on the topic, I had the opportunity to speak with Colin O’Keefe of LXBN regarding legal issues employers should be aware of pertaining to politics in the workplace. In my brief interview, I discuss the topic of political affiliation discrimination—in both the private and public sector-and also share my thoughts on… Continue Reading

Election Day Consideration: Legal Risks Associated with a Politically Contentious Workplace

Posted in Political Discrimination
This year voters go to the polls to elect governors in Virginia and New Jersey, mayors in New York City, Boston, Detroit and other municipalities, and decide on a host of ballot issues across the country.  With all of the excitement of Election Day, employees are sure to be engaging in political discussions in the… Continue Reading