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Where’s the “Dislike” Button? 2nd Circuit Affirms Employee-Friendly Social Media Ruling

Posted in Social Media
In my last post on HR legalist, I outlined the current state of the law regarding employee social media use.  One trend I have been following is the National Labor Relations Board’s expansion of protections for employees who criticize their employers on social media.  For the most part, the NLRB’s rulings in this area have… Continue Reading

“Like” it or Not? Tips for Addressing Employee Social Media Use

Posted in Social Media, Uncategorized
At first, employee social media use sounds like a matter of common sense. Candidates for a job should be careful what they post on social media sites, and make sure they’re not sharing any unsavory details about their past with potential employers. Once hired, employees shouldn’t “over-share” about their job responsibilities, supervisors, co-workers and clients,… Continue Reading

New Jersey Joins Growing List of States Prohibiting Employers from Demanding Social Media Passwords

Posted in Social Media, Workplace Policies
Governor Chris Christie recently signed new legislation that places New Jersey on a growing list of states that prohibit private employers from requesting or requiring current or prospective employees to disclose their usernames, passwords, or any other access information for any “personal account” on a social media site, such as Twitter and Facebook.  To date, eleven… Continue Reading