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Restrictive Covenant Enforcement: It’s About More Than Just Limits Of Time And Geography

Posted in Employee Leave Management, Hiring, Noncompetition Agreements, Restrictive Covenants, Uncategorized
Employers spend substantial resources training employees to fit the goals of their organizations. Often times, this includes providing the employee access to confidential information, introducing the employee to key business contacts, or providing the employee with specialized instruction on how to efficiently and effectively perform the role. Post-employment restrictive covenants, such as non-competition and non-solicitation… Continue Reading

Prepare, Don’t Panic – Seven Tips for Ebola Preparedness in the Workplace

Posted in Ebola, Employee Leave Management, Uncategorized, Workplace Policies
While there have only been four confirmed cases of Ebola in the United States, public concern about the potential spread of the virus has been growing rapidly. Most experts agree that the U.S. health system is well-equipped to contain Ebola, which spreads only through direct contact with the bodily fluids of a person who is both… Continue Reading

Managing Employee Medical Leave: How Much Leave Is Reasonable?

Posted in Americans with Disabilities Act, Employee Leave Management, Family Medical Leave Act, Workplace Policies
To date, there are few bright line rules to guide employers in determining how much leave is reasonable under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Further, employers sometimes mistakenly assume that if an employee has exhausted Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave, then the employee is not entitled to additional leave under the ADA. However,… Continue Reading

Primary Elections & Voter Leave Laws: How Much Time Off Does an Employee Get To Vote?

Posted in Employee Leave Management, Political Discrimination, Workplace Policies
With primary elections around the corner, employers are wondering what their obligations are with respect to providing employees time off to vote. Although there is no federal law that requires employers to give employees time off to vote in elections, an employer’s obligation in this regard varies by state law. To date, thirty-one states have voter… Continue Reading

Paternity Leave Up To Bat: What Employers Should Know To Avoid Striking Out

Posted in Employee Leave Management, Family Medical Leave Act, Workplace Policies
Paternity leave is back in the spotlight after New York Mets second baseman, Daniel Murphy, decided to take his contractually guaranteed three days of paternity leave for the birth of his son—a decision which resulted in his absence from two games, including the season opener. Public criticism of Murphy’s paternity leave sparked a media controversy… Continue Reading

What Should an Employer Do When It Suspects an Employee of Intermittent FMLA Abuse?

Posted in Employee Leave Management, Family Medical Leave Act
Employers, does this situation sound all too familiar: that one little elf who has been approved for intermittent FMLA leave and the condition seems to “flare up” at the most suspect times (every Monday and Friday; after a disagreement with a supervisor; or after being assigned to clean out Prancer’s stall).  It’s obvious to you… Continue Reading